Resources and Ideas for Investing in Real Estate

Why Investing in Hospitality Technology is Investing in Good Business
Paul van Meerendonk, Director of Advisory Services for IDeaS Revenue Solutions, routinely advises people on hotel revenue management and optimization topics According to this experienced individual, while the global hospitality industry is going through a slow recovery, the savvy hotel operators should think of upgrading their business operations with technology for increased benefits. In fact, he is requesting the hotel industry leaders to view technology as a key driver of business growth rather than as an additional cost burden. IDeaS Revenue Solutions helps the hotel industry to increase its operational efficiencies through the use of technology, with the ultimate goals of enhancing the overall performance.

How to Start Investing in Real Estate at a Young Age
As the youth is rife with problems—little money, little experience, too many distractions, poor credit rating, or absence of social groups—this Bigger Pockets blog post makes a solid case for starting young in the real estate investment business. The post summarizes the three key ingredients for success in real estate investing as motivation, technology, and time. The post argues that on an average, older adults are less motivated than younger adults. So, it is best to start young. It is imperative that is this tech savvy age, all real estate investors will know online and technologies and smart devices to manage their daily business more efficiently. The last advice in this post for RE investors is the effective use of time. Young investors should plan ahead and manage their work time in a manner so that they get the maximum benefit out of their efforts.

5 Reasons to Invest in Spanish Property
Until recently, Spain was only a hot tourist destination, but now this country has dramatically turned into a popular real estate investment destination. This Secret Villa Marbella blog post steps through the five most important reasons behind Spain's success in attracting real estate investors. The first of the top two listed reasons are the Golden Visa, which has opened Spanish Citizenship in return capital 500,000 investment in the Spanish property market. The next one is currency value is also attracting many foreign visitors back to Spain, especially to invest in property. Read this post to find out about the other three reasons for Spain's success as a premier investment destination.

Rethinking Condo Hotels as an Investment
A condo-hotel concept is fairly new born out of necessity several years ago. A person can buy a condo-hotel in a luxury resort hotel, use it for personal vacation as needed, then allow the hotel to rent it out for a percentage of the profits. This Money Sense article states that ever since then, this novel real estate concept lost its sparkle over the years. In 2006, a study published by erstwhile National Association of Condo Hotel Owners (NACHO) reveals a dismal state of affairs so far as these condo-hotels are concerned. After examining condo-hotels in the Florida state for projected returns between 2006 and 2011, the study reported even in the best case scenario the rate of return never exceeded 1 percent. This study confirmed that condo-hotel owners would end up spending money to keep these investments afloat! The reasons cited for the failure of these condo-hotels were high costs, over-supply, high expenses of the resort, and inaccurate vacancy rate predictions.

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate with REITs
This U.S. News & World Report blog discusses the novel approach of investing in commercial real estate units through REITs. To make it easy for average real estate investors to have a slice of an office building, a local shopping center, a warehouse, or even an apartment complex, an investment vehicle known as the real estate investment trust or REIT was created. By investing trough REIT, the commercial real estate investors can participate in the joint ownership of commercial properties but they do not have to handle any of the daily management responsibilities. While the Internet has made it transparent for REIT investors to track and manage their commercial RE investments, these transactions are relatively more complex and more expensive than residential property transactions.

Why Invest in Miami Real Estate?
This Manhattan Miami article makes a strong case for investing in Miami real estate. Miami has several advantages it is very popular tourist destination, it also a thriving business hub, the beach has undergone an overhaul, and downtown Miami has evolved into a 24/7 global township. Thus Miami stands out from the rest as a hot investment destination. Miami's rich and famous clientele also manage to attract a lot of global celebrities interested in buying their third or fourth property here. Miami's bubbling nightlife and cultural activities make this city a family-friendly location for people of all ages.


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