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Lighting and General Energy Saving Tips
The first part of this article the Auroa Energy website (an Australia power company) offers eight ways to save energy on lights. This includes turning them off when not in use and opening curtains in the morning instead of turning them on. On the other hand, the second part has fourteen tips on how to save general energy at home. Among these suggestions are investing in a swimming pool cover which is believed to save 90% of energy, buying an exhaust fan with automatic shutter doors, and using timers on aquarium lights and pumps. There are some tips on how to maximize the heat when ironing clothes.

Welcome to Light Bulb 101
This well-designed site promises to "shed a little light" on picking the right light bulb. Fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen are all discussed in detail. There is also a section with links to articles on window treatments, basement, and bedroom lighting, as well as an answer column. Do-It-Yourselfers will especially appreciate the forum where they can share the ins and outs of projects with other people that have done the same project.

Lighting and Fan Information
The top bar menu on the American Lighting Association Web site allows non-members to select from six areas of "Lighting and Fan Information" to learn how to use living room lighting, dining room lighting, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting and bedroom lighting to achieve a desired affect. The "Lighting Your Life" section outlines the basics of lighting, including the value of home interior lighting, how to determine your interior lighting needs and the basic types of interior lighting. Information on the shapes and forms of lighting such as chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures like sconces, table lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting follows, along with the details on such lighting controls as integrated dimming systems, touch dimmers, slide dimmers and rotary dimmers. This section concludes with information on the various light sources. Other areas of the "Lighting and Fan Information," include "Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting," "Landscape Lighting," "Selecting a Ceiling Fan," "Energy-wise Lighting," and links to resources and related articles. The "Landscape Lighting" section has some depth of detail, exploring the value of exterior lighting, including patio lighting, deck lighting and security lighting, while "Selecting a Ceiling Fan" walks the uninformed through the basics of choosing the right ceiling fan. Additional articles accompany each section and include such topics as chandeliers, dimmers and ceiling fans.

How Do I Know What Wattage And Voltage Light Bulb I Need?
Not all bulbs are created equal. Even though we use light bulbs daily, not a lot of us really pay attention to their characteristics, such as voltage, wattage, base, bulb shape, type, lumens, color temperature, and life. These are important properties that do not just ensure that the bulb works properly; they are also crucial to the experience of using a certain light bulb. How do you know which light bulb to use for certain applications? This article by BulbAmerica explains each of the characteristics listed above and provides help in choosing the light bulb that is right for your needs.


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