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Top Tips for Garden Lighting
Gardens are becoming an important part of a home, not only because of their function but also because of the way they enhance the living experience. But unlike the home’s interiors, a garden does not need to be lit up entirely; at night, one can decide which parts to illuminate and which areas to be left in the shadows. In this article, one can read about lighting tips and tricks that will surely bring out the beauty of a garden. Tips include making sure that the LED lights used in the garden match, that cables are hidden, and that all connections are sealed.

Ultimate Succulent Guide: Care, Cost and Kinds
Anyone who is interested in planting and caring for succulents will gain a lot of information from this guide. It discusses what succulents are and what the different varieties are, and gives ample information on their proper care and how much it will cost to start a succulent hobby. The resource explains that cacti are not the only succulents, as there are many kinds of succulents. They can be indoor and outdoor succulents, potted, terrarium, hanging and potted succulents, flowering succulents, and faux succulents. Other topics in the guide include watering and propagating these easy-to-grow plants, the kind of soil and the amount of sunlight they need, and even where to buy them.

Do You Want to Install a Garden Fountain or a Pool? Get the 411 Here!
When you want to get the facts about installing outdoor fountains, pools, ponds, or streams, Ortho's All About Garden Pools and Fountains is a great resource. This book covers how to choose the best location for these important parts of your garden, how to accent your water accessories with vegetation, and how to design a waterfall that will best complement the layout in your yard. Along with advice from professionals, you will see a list of resources for purchasing supplies for your water garden.

Tiny Farm Blog
Tiny Farm Blog is a record of how a two-acre piece of land was turned into a tiny farm, hence the name. Anyone who wants to start a farm would surely find not just information but also inspiration from this blog. Blog topics include animals, building and fixing, cooking and eating, farm research, harvesting, pests and diseases, seed starting, and many more. Although the latest entry was in January 2017, readers would still find a lot of information from the blog. Some of the blog entries discuss winter farming, protecting greens, growing greenhouse lettuce, shopping for seeds, and a book about soil management.

Hydroponic Systems Basics
What follows on this website is a hydroponics primer covering the basics of the systems and methods commonly used. Our hope is to give enough information to start evaluating the different systems and choosing the right one for you. This website discusses the types of hydroponic systems available. Media-based systems and water culture systems are included. The specifics about different systems and techniques are also included, as in nutrient film drip watering systems, ebb and flow systems, cloning machines and aeroponics.


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