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Dave's Garden
Dave's Garden is a rich resource of gardening information for gardeners from all over the world. This website features articles on planting, harvesting, different species of plants, birds, and butterflies, and a whole lot more. It also offers guides on plants, bugs, birds, winter and frost dates, botany, and landscaping. There are also links to the products that the website offers such as Plant Scout, Go Gardening, and Garden Bookworm, among others. There is also a section called Bloom of the Day, where photos of various plants are displayed along with details such as water and soil requirements, hardiness, propagation methods, and more.

Share Your Gardening Experiences at Carry On Gardening
This is an authority site that has been awarded the "Getting the Message Across" award from the National Information Forum. A great place for a new visitor to start is by clicking on the Ideas Exchange section where they can share their experiences and ask and answer questions. Gardening topics of all varieties are covered, as well as the latest news. The links section provides additional resources for gardeners at all levels.

Gardening Tips, Design Ideas and Planting Techniques
This wonderful resource covers it all. From this TheSpruce.com guide, you'll learn how to garden like a pro, because all the information and ideas come from experts. There are how-tos and tutorials for every garden task and tips for gardening in every season. Learn about the Garden Design Awards and how you can enter. The site also features a link to pronouncing botanical Latin, a great tool for any serious gardener. There is continuously grow body of articles,e.g., five quick tips for super summer gardens, the fifties art icon—pink flamingos—, and how to grow luscious melons organically.

Check Out the vegetable Patch for Down to Earth Information
People interested in vegetable gardening will find practical tips posted here. Separate sections of the site focus on growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Also posted on this handy site are how to guides, regional gardening tips and discussion forums. Visitors to the site will also learn how to preserve the items they have harvested for future use.


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