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Consumers Benefit from Midwest Roofing Contractors' Expertise
The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association provides helpful information to homeowners who may be contemplating getting their roof repaired or replaced. Not only does this website provide a handy dictionary of roofing terms, but it also has a collection of articles on several topics. Visitors to the site can find out about green roofing, phantom leaks, the top 10 roofing problems, and more.

Should You Act as Your Own General Contractor? Ask This Old House!
This Old House's Tom Silva explains what the role of the general contractor entails in a building project. Before you decide to act as your own GC, do take the time to read this account from someone who tells it like it really is. After reading it, you may choose to hire someone with more experience to take charge of whatever construction project you have in mind. While you are on the site, do check out the photo galleries, the collection of house styles articles, and the videos covering exterior painting and siding installation.

Harmony Home Construction Provides Helpful Information About Sustainable Building
Harmony Home Construction has posted some fascinating articles about green building, indoor air quality, healthy heating, and light-clay building. This informative site also provides information about how to reduce your EMF (electromagnetism) exposure in your home, how to use plants to improve air quality, using lime as a building material, and more.

Is Acting as Your Own General Contractor a Good Idea? Find Out Here!
Have you ever considered whether you should be your own general contractor? Before you step into that role, read the article posted on this site. On the face of it, you can save money by taking charge of your construction project, but you really need to be savvy to juggle budgets, Materials, scheduling, and subcontractors. Find out how to get organized, how to find subcontractors, and what to consider when you are thinking about purchasing supplies.


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