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Installing a Patio Fire Pit
If you are interested in installing a patio fire pit, check out the valuable information on this web site. You will find tips for determining the amount of space you have available, along with instructions for setting up a basic country fire pit. Suggestions for more elaborate versions of outdoor fire pits that include features like fireproof glass have also been included. Visitors to the site can find out about stand alone fire pits, too.

You Can Build Your Own Home
Yes, it is possible to build your own home. The site owner at Build Your Own-Home shares his experience with visitors to his site. Click on the topics listed here to learn exactly how he went from a vacant lot to a beautiful home. Follow along, step by step, as he shares how to get a construction loan, hire a contractor, and choose house plans. The process of installing roofing, wiring, plumbing, siding, doors, tiles, and flooring are all covered in detail. If you still have questions about the construction process, post it in the Ask George forum and get answers.

How to Use Outdoor & Indoor Wall Gel Fuel Fireplaces
Check out this site to get instructions for using the fuel required for indoor and outdoor gel fireplaces. You will find a suggestion for getting the most out of your gel fuel purchase, as well as the advantages of choosing this option for your home (clean burning, little set-up required and portability). Be sure to check out the cautions on this page and the links to related articles.

Be In-The-Know When It Comes To Building Codes
Beginning a building or home improvement project starts with the basics—if you want to serve as the general contractor on your project, then it's up to you to know about building codes and to obtain the necessary building permits. At Hometips.com, expert Don Vandervort offers up tips on how to go about getting this important information in your community. There are also a number of useful links to information about hiring contractors, choosing the right architect, and even tips on what you can look for during a house inspection.

Southern Style Architecture Buffs, Take Note
This site offers up a virtual buffet of architectural and engineering goodies for anyone who just loves to see how a house is built—especially when it's a house designed to fit into a revered style along Monument Avenue in historic Richmond, Virginia. The Monument House is a love letter to a bygone era when homes were meticulously designed and then built with precision and attention to detail. Click on the Enter The House link and there you'll find hundreds of photos documenting the construction of 3321 Monument Avenue, along with 3-D renderings and profiles of specific building materials. There's also a long list of project participants on the site—useful contacts for anyone interested in similar projects of their own.


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