Senior/Elder Health Resources (01)

Alternative Health and More for Seniors
There is a wealth of information on the Internet these days for seniors, and this site has plenty of information on topics such as caregivers resources, assisted living options, elder fitness, nutrition, senior living and other elderly health resources. It includes information on popular diseases and conditions that seniors experience, as well as a section on alternative medicine for senior citizens. More information fitness and beauty is also included. Plenty of links here to help you get information on everything from senior beauty to elderly conditions such as cancer, Alzheimerís disease, the flu and heart disease.

Chiropractor Care Experience from a Personal Perspective
No other web site says it so succinctly—back pain sucks. Written from a layman's perspective, offers detailed information in a practical format, with insightful discussion on a variety of back pain management topics. Chiropractic care from a patient perspective is well-covered, as are issues such as ergonomics, nutrition, exercise and inversion therapy. If you're looking for a friendly opinion on types of treatment, rather than information that's straight from a professional, this is the site to find it. It's all based on one person's experience with chronic back pain and his efforts to alleviate it.

Healthy Aging Partnership: Working for Elders
The Healthy Aging Partnership exists to promote healthy aging through the use of community partnerships. The organization educations social service and health care providers, as well as caregivers and policymakers, as to better elder health. In addition, it offers a forum for partners to communicate with each other. The initiatives of the organization are highlighted here, as well as the nonprofit and public organizations that comprise this organization. Consumers will enjoy tips for healthy senior living, which has articles full of tips for healthy aging and overall senior citizen health.

Better Senior Health: Conditions and Information for Carers
There are so many conditions that face the elderly, but those who care for them can help alleviate symptoms and overcome challenges all by learning more about these issues. This site describes many better senior health tips and lists conditions and provides information for carers who look after people who are sick, elderly or who have a disability. Topics include: fitness for elders, aging, fall prevention for the elderly, taking memory tests, home gardening for seniors, fitness over 50, healthy aging, retirement issues, wrinkles, travel tips for seniors, osteoporosis, flu, depression and aging, vision loss, dementia, Alzheimerís disease, cataracts, and much more. The site has an interactive aspect where people can submit questions, take quizzes and get better health tools.

Elder Nutrition: Eating Well
We all know that nutrition is important, and itís especially important for seniors. This site has information form the National Institutes of Health on nutrition information for the elderly. Topics such as constipation, reading nutrition labels, tips and recipes for seniors, eating well as we age, finding a nutrition professional, food safety for elders, malnutrition and seniors, and more. It gives policies on elderly nutrition programs and the seniors farmersí market nutrition program. Itís so vital for older adults to eat well and this gives information and resources to ensure that they do so.


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