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15 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Better
Making children eat healthy food is difficult enough; planning meals for kids of different ages and with various food allergies can be a real challenge. Worry not; registered dietician Julie Burns offers 15 ways to encourage kids to eat better and healthier. To serve healthier foods, you need to make a schedule - what time will your kids have their meals? What time will hey be given snacks? By spreading out their eating times every three to four hours, your children won’t be too hungry or too full for the next meal. Of course, you should also plan on giving them nutrient-dense foods for their meals and snacks.

The Source for Kids Health Information
A useful site with information for parents, kids and teens. Kids section deals with topics such as moving to middle school, eating healthy foods, dealing with feelings, kids recipes, everyday illnesses and injuries, kids bodies, kids health issues and information on growing up. Games and a glossary of medical terms with regards to children’s health is also included. Fun tips and facts are good to help kids with learning about kids health overall.

Understanding Physical Development in Young Children
This information piece by North Dakota State University discusses the important role of physical abilities in a child's life and how these abilities progress with the growth of the child. The concept of physical development includes two major categories. Normative development concerns normal capabilities and limitations of children within a given age and cultural group and indicates a range for a given time. Dynamic development concerns the sequence and physical changes in all aspects of a child's functioning over time with experience. The goal in understanding this information is to know what a child should be able to do physically at different ages, and how best to direct a child for healthy development.

Round or Square School Cafeteria Tables: Which One is Best?
Check out this interesting answer to the debate about whether round or square cafeteria tables are a better choice for schools who want to encourage students to interact with each other so that no one is left out. The ultimate answer to the question doesn't lie in discussing round or square, but in teaching students the right attitude about having respect for others.

Childhood Obesity: What You Can do to Help Your Kids Manage Weight
With childhood obesity being such a growing problem, this site gives parents tips to create an active environment for their kids, as well as some statistics about obese children. Activity tips include making time for the family to do exercise and other activities together, planning active family trips such as hiking or skiing, starting an active neighborhood program, limit the amount of time kids watch TV, instilling interest in your kids to try a new sport, and assigning active chores to kids, such as vacuuming or washing cars. There is also a section on how to establish healthy eating patterns with kids. For parents, it is helpful to provide a role model through healthy dietary practices and nutritional snacks and lifestyle activities.


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