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Chiropractic Care for Children: An Interview with Chiropractors and Medical Doctors is the official website of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA, Inc), a non-profit organization of chiropractic family practitioners dedicated to raise public awareness about chiropractic care and to improve the wellness of families. The site has tons of useful articles about family health including vaccines, autism, ADHD, and chiropractic care. Also included are pregnancy and parenting tips, baby care, and family nutrition guides. There is also a section called Find a Chiropractor, where readers from US and Canada can enter their ZIP code to search for an ICPA member in their area. This search tool is also available for many countries around the world.

Kids Health Facts: What You Should Know
This website, YourChild Development & Behavior Resources from the University of Michigan Health system is a comprehensive guide to information and support for parents. The information is provided in an A to Z format. If some important topic is missing, we couldn't find it. Some information pieces have interesting facts on kids health, such as the average child gets less than 15 minutes of vigorous activity everyday, and the average U.S. child gets about 43 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday. In addition, the average U.S. child spends about 20 percent of his or her time watching TV. It also discusses the most popular physical education offerings for kids, and talks about kids health with respect to ethnic diversity.

What Can My Lactose Intolerance Kid Eat?
WebMD says that Lactose Intolerant Kids Need Dairy. They need calcium. Make sure that your children and teenagers get the calcium they need, especially if they experience lactose intolerance. There are plenty of nondairy foods that are high in calcium. Green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, and fish with soft, edible bones, such as salmon and sardines, are excellent sources of calcium. And kids may be able to have yogurt as well, because yogurt with active cultures is a good source of calcium. The bacterial cultures used in making yogurt produce some of the lactase enzyme required for proper digestion, so this is a great calcium option for your kid.

Anger Management for Kids
All children experience anger at one time or frequently, so itís important that they know how to express their anger in a healthy way. Topics on this site include therapist tools for anger, music therapy for angry children and how to use music to help children express anger. Articles on child anger management include: the problem with child anger, anger myths, when anger becomes a problem, strategies for controlling child anger, events that trigger children to become angry, creating an anger control plan and administering child time-outs.

Discover Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as We Do
Should kids do yoga? According to this article, the resounding answer is yes. Like adults, children are inundated with the things they have to do in school, the performance they need to demonstrate in competitive sports, pressures from peers, not to mention meeting parentsí expectations. Unknown to many parents, children get stressed too. Young human beings need yoga in order to manage daily stresses and to relax. Yoga also enhances joint flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Moreover, yoga allows children to connect deeply with their inner selves. The article also offers insights on how to teach yoga to children, and what benefits one can get from teaching yoga to children.

Getting Milk Products in Your Childís Diet
This Nibbles for Health newsletter provides information on milk for your child's growing bones. If your kid or teenager experience lactose intolerance, you can serve milk with solid foods, which slows digestion. Or you can pour small cups of milk. Chocolate milk may also help your child digest the nourishing calcium in milk. Other tips include offering cheese, buying lactose-free milk and trying yogurt to get the calcium your child needs for healthy bone development.


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