Step-By-Step Procedure on How to Play 9-Ball Pool
As the name of the game suggests, a 9-ball pool is being played with nine colored object balls numbered one through nine and the cue ball. To start with, the nine balls are arranged on the table in a diamond shape using a diamond-shaped rack. Ball number 1 should be on the first spot, while ball number 9 is placed on the middle of the diamond. The first play to make a shot is usually being chosen by throwing a dice or tossing a coin. For the rest of the other steps and how a winner is declared, check this article at

8-Ball Pool Rules on World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA)
Whether you are going to play 8-ball pool as a hobby or you want to be a professional player someday, you must first know how to play it properly. To start with, here are set of rules provided by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), the international governing body for pocket billiards. This includes knowing who will make the first break shot, the proper arrangement of the fifteen balls, the rules of break shot, the meaning of open table, when your opponent should start to play, how to declare a winner, and when a stalemate can happen. There is also a list of standard fouls that you should avoid, including the serious ones.

Pool and Carom News
Pool news and information about pool instruction and lessons, including: 8-Ball mania, the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, the Memphis Classic, 8-Ball Championships, 3 Cushion billiard, the Billiard Congress of America and more. Includes a directory of pool tournaments, places to play pool, links and more. Products section includes trick shot learning cards, pool T-shirts, a kicking secret poster and more.

Snookers Club
Here is a place on the Internet for all things snookers and pool, including news from U.S. Open Championships and other tournaments, professional news and United Kingdom amateur information. A tournament diary as well as links to local leagues and a forum to discuss snookers, including 8-Ball and 9-Ball, is also provided. A wealth of snookers and pool links are offered.

Table Skills
Improve your pool game with this website, chock full of pocket billiard news, discussions, pool lessons and more. Watch billiard video clips, play online, learn offensive and defensive pool game strategies, practice with ball control drills and English side drills as well as important shots. Articles contain information about dealing with missed shots, billiard tips, pocket billiards, learning tools, pool laws and more.

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