Inside Pool Magazine
The official website of Inside Pool Magazine is comprehensive, covering competitive pool all over the world, as well as featuring forums on pool and billiards, instruction for the average player, stories about tournaments, professional pool, a multimedia menu, a photo gallery, a listing of pool on television, a place to submit tournament results, FAQ's, pool and billiards software, and much more. There's also a photo caption contest, breaking news, a page of links to many pool and billiards websites...In short everything for the home pool player with a game room pool table to the professionals.

Pool and Billiards Articles by PoolDawg Academy
The website of PoolDawg Academy provides several articles on pool and billiards by professional players. Topics covered include instruction, from bank and cut shots to safety plays, the physics of billiards, the stretch, the throw, breaking, the kiss out, bar rules, hustling, gambling, the official rules of pool, and 3-cushion billiards. Examples of articles: 6 Tips for Mastering the Mechanical Bridge, How to Aim a Cut Shot, How Does Tip Hardness Affect Spin, The Beauty of Cneter Table, The Best Little Kick Shot in the World, Four Hook Banking System, Does Pool Cue Length Really Matter, and Gasp! Your Duide to Billiards Breathing. The site also has sections on billards basics, instructional videos, guest instructors, maintenance tips and buying guides.

Pool and Billiards Tutorial Videos and Articles
Learning how to play billiards may look easy, but not really. You have to learn the fundamentals, the terms used, the correct grip, how to aim for a shot, the right control of the cue ball, and the right positions. In this article, you will know all of them not only through the helpful articles but also from the tons of instructional videos. Most of the video here came from the Billiard University (BU) Instructional DVD series, and Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS). Here, you will also learn the different billiard techniques, such as side spinning, kick and bank shots, jump shot, break shot, and masse shot.

Minnesota Pool
A Minnesota-based website about pool features a community section, pool tournament listings, pool classifieds, pool juniors league, a featured pool hall, ladies pool, and information about the upcoming Disney World Trip. For the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, will be the host location for one of the biggest pool tournament extravaganza in history. August 3rd through 7th, 2005, the magic begins.

How to Assemble Set up a Pool Table
The site includes everything you need to know to assemble set up a pool table. Includes how to measure how much room you need, tools you'll need for set up, pool table tools including staple pullers, featherstrip blocks, straight edge and t-bolt wrenches, and more. Included is a felt installation guide. Pool glossary including information about backed slate, non-directional cloth, Simonis cloth, 3 piece slate, used and antique pool tables and when to replace a pool table or its cloth is included.

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