Pool Videos and Other Resources
The famous pool instructor, Dr. Dave presents pool videos, links and instructional articles. The pool videos available use slow motion to help players identify precise movements to improve their billiard skills. Includes a link to Dr. Dave’s pool book.

How to Choose the Right Pool Table
An in-depth information piece from on questions to ask before you buy or even try a pool table, including what size room it will go into. You'll learn what to look for in a pool table. including quality construction, slate, cloth and cushions, color, as well as the differences between veneer pool tables and solid wood tables. Also noted are tips for maintenance, including keeping pool tables dry and treating fabrics. Cloth grades are also discussed, and links to purchase various kinds of pool tables are available. There's also some practical information concerning the seller, such as what kind of warranty and repairmen are available, and are leveling visits provided for free or at what cost.

Free Pool Lessons
This section on Easy Pool Tutor contains articles organized into lesson plans tp learn the game of pool, or become a better player. You'll learn the fundamentals of pocket billiards, how to aim and pocket balls, the three basic shots in pool, the basics of controlling the cue ball, understanding how to spin the cue ball for shotmaking and position play, advanced shots, banks shots and kick shots, and advanced position play. Grips, stances, aiming, bridges, addressing the ball, banking, putting English on the ball, combos, masse, kiss, and the jump shot are just some of the topics covered. Other articles deal with such things as equipment and mental toughness, as well as how to practice to improve, and safety and defense. Also provided are instructional articles by specific pool professionals.

Personal Site on Billiards
This is a personal site devoted to the love of billiards (pool, snooker, etc.). There are pages on the history of billiards, instructions and links for proper technique, standard rules for games ranging from 8-ball to 9-ball to 14-1 to one pocket billiards and pool. There are also links to good billiard clubs in Bali. The guy who administers this site clearly is a billiard buff and enthusiast, even though he has spelled billiards incorrectly on the main banner at the top of his web page.
There's a lot of information on this site. Besides news and events, you'll find pool and billiard classified ads, a photo gallery, general pool game information and live streams from companies broadcasting pool events. Included are upcoming pool tournaments, as well as informative articles such as: the pyramid puzzle, cue ball, side pocket, three ball pyramid, a practical 8-ball shot, a hard one-railer, watermelon seed, trapped, quarter on foot spot, quarter out of circle, pool tips, taking aim, the dreaded pool plateau and more. A lot of miscellaneous information, such as pool history, visionaries and innovators of the game, legendary players, significant moments, fun facts, a glossary of pool/billiards terms, recommended room sizes, and table and equipment specs.

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