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A myriad of pool resources are available, including a series of articles looking at some of the less common areas of Billiard and Snooker collecting. Articles cover such subjects as table irons and brushes, cue tippers and cutters, rests, balls, trophies and medals. Other resources include buying an old cue, pool memorabilia collecting, articles on pool legends and gurus, cigarette cards, and interviews with respected billiard celebrities. Cues n Views offers a wealth of articles and resources for people who appreciate the game.

Top 100 Tips and Trick on How to Win in Billiards
The aim of playing billiards is to win the game. Whether you are new or an old-time player, these top 100 tips can surely help you. Here, you will learn the basics of billiards, how to aim properly, how to control the cue ball and its speed, the right way and position to make a shot, and how to play safe especially if you are on the winning edge. There are also strategies for aiming carom and kiss shots, how to use sidespin effectively, the so-called 90 and 30 degrees rules, as well as best practices for different kinds of shots.

Billiard Insights on
In this page on's, you'll get the latest news and insights into the game of billiards. This includes the different formats of tournaments, rules of the game, the greatest tricks shots, and tips how to play and easily win a game. There is also a separate article about straight pool, which is also called the 14.1 continuous pool. Here, you will learn the basics of the game, the challenges, and how to play safe. A separate article talks about the triangular cue stick. There are also articles about billiard experts, including the late great Willie Mosconi, aka The Mosc.

Animated Guide on How to Play Pool Like a Pro
Want to learn how to play pool like a pro? Here’s an animated guide from the Here, you will learn the basics of billiards, the different bridge techniques, how to position yourself properly, how to aim for a shot, and how to pocket a ball. There is also an illustration for different styles in hitting the cue ball and tips depending on the position. This includes side spinning, the right and left English, and others. The rules for the 8-ball and 9-ball pools are explained well, along with the list of common fouls that you should avoid.

Easy Pool Tutor
Easy Pool Tutor offers comprehensive information about learning and playing pocket billiards. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pool player, you can find plenty of good instructional articles on the website. Lessons are broken down into different topics from basic lessons in aiming, basic shot making, advanced shot making, playing safely, English or side spin, kicks and diamond systems plus practice drills and determining pool skill ratings. Articles about choosing and maintaining pool equipment, as well as links to more resources are also available.

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