Rules and Regulations in Pocket Billiards by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA)
If you want to learn how to play billiards, you must first know its rules and regulations. In this comprehensive article by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), you can learn every detail. This includes the general rules, and rules for the 9-ball, 8-ball, 10-ball, black ball, straight pool (also called 14.1 continuous pool), as well as for the wheelchair competition. You will also learn the terms used in these rules, and the specifications for the billiard equipment for both professional and non-professional, and the recommended room size. To complete the rules, there is a huge list of the fouls you should not commit. All of these articles are in PDF format which you can download.

All About Cue Sports on Wikipedia
Whether you're an old pro or if you've never touched a pool cue or chalked up your hands before, this Wikipedia page has information about pool, billiards, and snooker that will definitely be of interest to you. For the beginning pool player every aspect of the game is covered in detail, from the various equipment (balls, tables, cloth, racks, cues, bridges, chalk, etc.) to the types of games played on carom billiards, pool and snooker tables. On the carom billiards table, the major games are straight rail or straight billiards, balkline and three-cushion billiards. On a regular pool table with pocked, the most popoular games include eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool and one-pocket; these games can be played by two players or by teams. There is also a game called speed pool. English billiards is another game, and snooker is a British pocket billiards game, which is the most popular cue sport in Britain.

World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA)
This is the official website of the governing body of pool. It provides current news about players and events and everything concerning the sport. There is rankings of the top players and information about world champions of various games—e.g., 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, artistic pool, pyramid, straight pool and blackball—broken out by men, women, juniors and wheelchair categories. The site has a sports calendar and then information about current and upcoming events, as well as an archived section of past events. There is also very detailed information concerning regulations and world rules of play. And as you'd expect, there's detailed information concerneing the association itself.

A Directory to Billiards Online
Pool and billiards players who take their game seriously will find a wealth of information on the billiards section of the Colorado State University website. It links to sites that provide articles, stories and even poetry about pool, as well as reputable schools and instructors, online retailers of biliards products, organizations and leagues, magazines and other general and instructional resources. There are also links to more pool poetry, links to additional pool sites, photos of celebrities playing pool, links to places to buy pool tables, cues and other pool accessories, there's a link to some really beautiful pool and billiard artwork, there's a message board where you can share your love of the game with players from all over the world, and so much more.

CueSport Billiard Academy
CueSport Billiard Academy is a pool and billiard school offering courses that help people improve their pool game since 1963. Courses are available for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional players. The courses teach fundamentals of aiming, stroke, stance and delivery.

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